Anxiety can sometimes be a great motivator. But when your anxiety is overwhelming, it can negatively impact every aspect of your life. Anxiety may make it difficult to work, sleep, and eat. It can also affect you in many ways, including giving you headaches, backaches, and stomach problems.

Anxiety disorders are a common condition, and many people experience overwhelming feelings of nervousness and dread. But when you are suffering from anxiety, it can be a lonely and challenging time. Fortunately, Alternative Psychiatry has several treatment methods that are very effective at getting people back to everyday living.

We do a full physical and psychological intake on new patients and discuss treatment options. Our holistic approach gets to the root cause of issues and treats you as a person, not an illness. We will determine the best course of action to relieve your anxiety.
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Alternative Psychiatry offers a full range of services, including medication management. We help under or uninsured individuals, under-served populations, and the general public.