The emotional shifting process was developed by Psychologist Richard Schulman PhD. It is a technique used for deep emotional healing and clearing of traumatic energies lodged in the body. The innovation is that a psychotherapist and body therapist work simultaneously on the patient to create exit points for stuck energy. Dr. Schulman saw that combat war veterans he worked with while at the VA and other trauma survivors often had an increase in symptoms while engaging in conventional psychotherapy. “It was as if the traumatic emotional energy was activated but had nowhere to go.” The use of touch therapies such as craniosacral therapy, gentle tapping and manipulating the lymph system simultaneously with psychotherapy dialogue, visualization, and eye movement offer symptom relief. Presently he is working with Samantha Hanes, LMT. Samantha has years of experience using various body modalities and emotional healing. The combination of two powerful healers in this process gives hope to people who have not made progress with more conventional therapies.

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