Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery

You already know that divorce creates a massive disruption in your life. Alternative Psychiatry understands and wants to help you deal with the practical issues and heal from the emotional ones.

In many ways, divorce can feel like a death, and there are similar stages most people must face, including denial, anger, and depression. You may find yourself thinking that you would do anything to save your marriage. Wherever you are emotionally right now, we understand, care, and want to help.

We can help you deal with the emotions of loss and the practical issues of surviving everyday life and rebuilding for the future. There are many things to deal with, including finances, housing, children, and other adjustments. We offer many holistic approaches to recovery that can put you on the path to long-term wellness.
For some, divorce may feel like the end, but it is a new beginning for you. We can help you recognize the opportunities you have for now and the future and work towards long-term wellness.
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