Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

It is normal to feel grief over a loss, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. When you have suffered a loss and feel you need help coping, Alternative Psychiatry can assist you. Some of the losses people suffer include:

  • death,
  • divorce,
  • illness,
  • job loss,
  • limb amputation,
  • loss of sight, and
  • many others.

Dealing with any loss can be similar to the death of a loved one. Many people pass through stages, including denial, anger, and depression. We can help you deal with these stages as they relate to a death you have suffered or another loss. We care and want to assist you in this difficult time.

Alternative Psychiatry practices holistic, patient-centered therapy. We will help you deal with your loss through multiple methods and a personalized approach that suits your needs. We will support you as you work through the feelings of loss and the practical issues of daily life, including things such as finances, housing, children, and other adjustments. Our treatment will put you on the path to long-term wellness.
Let us help you recover. Schedule an appointment: (941) 205-7150 or at Click Here. We are sorry for your loss and do care about assisting you.

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