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Come drink Cosmic Wine with Dr. Mark Sylvester and Dr. Richard Schulman while they explore the future of mental health care with their visionary and hilarious approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit!

Egyptian Acupuncture & Shamanism

Mental Wealth Mashup

Mind Body Medicine of Florida

Unexplained Archaeology (Part 2)

Unexplained Archaeology (Part 1)

Fringe Science

Time Travel & Interdimensional Beings

Our Brain Transceiver

Pyrokinesis & Spontaneous Combustion

Artificial Intelligence (Part 3)

Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

12 Questions with Dan Bacon

Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

The Placebo Effect

We All Need a Mass Awakening

The Future of Mental Health

Non-Ordinary Mind: Dream Interpretation

Astrology & Psychology

Sensory Deprivation & Isolation Tanks

Mass Casualty Events

Reintegration post COVID

Immunopsychiatry (Part 2)

Immunopsychiatry (Part 1)

The Trauma Map


Bioethics of COVID (Part 2)

Non-Ordinary Mind: Conversion Disorder & Mass Hysteria

Mental Health Crisis

Bioethics of COVID (Part 1)

Brain Training & Neurofeedback

Non-Ordinary Mind: Trance & Chanting

Non-Ordinary Mind: Orbs & Rods

Non-Ordinary Mind: Monarch Programming & MK Ultra


Non-Ordinary Mind: Subliminal Messages & Automatisms

Non-Ordinary Mind: Past Life Regression & Soul Trauma Healing

Non-Ordinary Mind: Kundalini & Chi


Non-Ordinary Mind: Social Media & Mental Health

Non-Ordinary Mind: Multiple Personality & Delusional Disorders

Non-Ordinary Mind: Hallucinations & Delusions


Non-Ordinary Mind: Mentalism & Mysticism

Non-Ordinary Mind: Nootropics & Psychedelics

Non-Ordinary Mind: Synesthesia & Deja Vu


Non-Ordinary Mind: Deathbed Visions & Terminal Lucidity

Non-Ordinary Mind: Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations

Non-Ordinary Mind: Transcendental Meditation  & Holotropic Breathwork 

Non-Ordinary Mind: Religious & Transpersonal Experiences

Non-Ordinary Mind: ESP & Precognition

Non-Ordinary Mind: Astral Projection & Remote Viewing

Non-Ordinary Mind: Spirits & Phantasms

Non-Ordinary Mind: NDEs, OBEs, & SDEs

Non-Ordinary Mind: An Overview

The World Has Changed

Music Therapy

Art Therapy

Collective Unconscious

Manipulation of the Mind

Cosmic Consciousness

Mental Health Consequences during COVID

Living Consciously

Mind/Gut Link

Highly Sensitive People

Biologic Dentistry

Kids and COVID

Soul Contracts

Pick Up the Sword 

When in Doubt, Massage it Out

Mind/Body Therapy 

How to Work From Home Without Bringing Your Work Home

Healer, Heal Thyself

Energetics (not Dianetics)

Non-Ordinary Therapies for Non-Ordinary Times

The World Has Changed (and its not going back)

Exploring the Mind/Body Connection

Mental Health Survival Kit for COVID-19

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Woman in emotional & physical pain diagnosed by alternative psychiatrist

By: Wendy Ryan


Dr. Mark Sylvester spoke on HealthCheck radio on the topics of anxiety, depression, and the burgeoning field of telepsychiatry!

Dr. Sylvester on WSLR Radio

February 10, 2016

Our own Dr. Mark Sylvester  is interviewed by Stratosphere hosts Nancy and Andrea about the exciting new practice of telepsychiatry and telepsychotherapy. Listen to the interview here!