Process Addictions

Process Addictions

Process addictions can be devastating to a person’s life. You do not need to be physically dependent on something for it to have control over you. Many people suffer when they engage in behaviors and activities that hurt them but find themselves unable to stop.
Some common process addictions include:

  • gambling,
  • sex,
  • shopping,
  • gaming,
  • food,
  • exercise and,
  • many others.
    All of the above activities may be good in healthy quantities. But for a person who is addicted, their engagement leads to negative consequences.

If you have unwanted behaviors, compulsions, or feel powerless to stop yourself from engaging in activities that are hurting yourself or others, we can help. Alternative Psychiatry can assist you by understanding your needs and assisting you in breaking out of your established patterns.
We can help diagnose the cause of your behavior and help you regain control of your impulses. We offer various treatment options that are tailored to your situation and needs. We practice a holistic model that is specific to you and will help you achieve long-term freedom from process addictions.
Please call us at (941) 205-7150 or visit Click Here and schedule an appointment. We are here to help you regain control.

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