Sexual Issues

Sexual Issues

We can assist you with many different sexual issues, including:

  • coming out,
  • gender issues,
  • paraphilia/deviant sexual activity,
  • sexual dysfunction,
  • transitioning, clearance for sexual

surgery, and gender reassignment.
We know that sexual issues are sometimes embarrassing or difficult to discuss. Alternative Psychiatry is a safe and caring place to share your problems. We are LGBTQ friendly and non-judgemental in our work. You will always feel cared about, valued, and respected by our staff.

Our treatment plan will be customized specifically for you. We believe in getting to know our patients and treating them as people, not as issues. We will do a thorough intake to discover any mental and physical problems, including reviewing lab results, lifestyle, goals, genetics, and your history. Our holistic, patient-centered solutions are designed to ensure your long-term wellness and happiness.
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