Substance Use

Substance Use

Substance use and abuse is a broad umbrella with different meanings to many people. As laws change, more previously illegal substances are becoming acceptable. And many people who use legal substances, such as alcohol, may be abusing them.

If you have legal, family, money, employment, social, or any problems caused by your use of a substance, we want to help. Alternative Psychiatry cares about determining the root cause of your problems and helping you to get better.

We will do a thorough physical and mental evaluation to determine your treatment options. Some people use a substance to fill needs in their life, and we will address that. We want you to be independent, not dependent on any substances. And we want you to be happy and healthy.
We believe in a holistic approach to your substance abuse recovery and not just treating addiction. We will care for you as a whole person. Alternative Psychiatry uses various modalities to get to the root cause of your need for a substance and help with your recovery process.
Please contact us today at (941) 205-7150 or visit Click Here if you think you have a substance use problem. We want to help free you to get on the right path for long-term wellness.

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